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    Narrated by Stephen Bel Davies in a professional plethora of character-based voices.

    Stories of Color marks Lawrence Biscontini's first book of fiction. Written during a 12-country, 12-month sabbatical in 2015, these various short stories offer something for (almost) everyone. The common thread of the human condition among all sentient beings weaves throughout the tales; from stories narrating different types of extreme hunger (written in France), to the feelings of being outcast from school bullying (written in the Philippines), a mining disaster threatens the business dreams of an Italian immigrant (written in Puerto Rico); the frantic search for happiness in one's lifetime told in the guise of a children's tale (written in Los Angeles), the betrayal of a close friend (written in Thailand), history's most secret love-affair of all-time (written in New York); the unlikely - and sadly temporary - emotional bonding between a man and a dog (written in Italy), and an English murder mystery involving power, corruption, greed, and, of course, money (written where else, but in the United Kingdom). Who cannot relate to the common thread of emotions that connect us all on the planet-- including our search for happiness in different ways?
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