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  • #globalguestgurus is a program I've begun connecting clubs and spas looking for outstanding characters and personalities who are virtually "ready to go" and stream their services worldwide in guest-appearances on other countries and continents. This is a win-win for everyone for so many reasons. So far in our Hundred Acre Woods we have been putting attention to our on-camera personality and back-of-camera business and professional sense. Now let’s see who’s ready to step up!

    CLUBS: expose BOTH your consumers and staff to outstanding talent worldwide coming right to you with NO travel, lodging, food, or other expenses.

    FITPROS: expose yourself to a different part of the world to increase your resume validity, exposure, friends and followers on social media, and ability to promote your products and services worldwide to those who aren't aware yet of how MUCH they need YOU!

    And the only thing between CLUBS and FITPROS now is One. Zoom. Link.

    Click here to see what Noel Chelliah of Daily Muscle Malaysia says about #GlobalGuestGurus

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