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    March 31, 2017 | adminfl

    Neurogenesis is the ability to make new brain cells, increase the rate at which neurons fire and synapses sync, and increase the overall potential of the human mind. Experience with Lawrence the fusion of three elements that must occur to promote the ideal amount of neurogenesis. We will engage in movement of muscles, mouth, and mind simultaneously in an effort to show how truly exhausted we can leave the brain after giving it the appropriate amounts of overload and specificity Equipment: none.


    Neuroplasticity and Happiness: refers to our ability to train the brain, in all of its five major functions, to build mental muscle. Two important aspects of age include our functional and psychological age, and this lecture explores how to maximize our training of the same. Participants will gain practical applications of brain research to integrate neuroplasticity games into daily movement training programs for a healthy, happy and productive brain. (Equipment: none)


    Everyone’s concerned with brain health these days, and many articles discuss the theoretical approaches. However, little exists for practical approaches. Drawing on cutting-edge research about neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, Lawrence implements many practical skills for both pt and group ex leaders to incorporate brain-boosting training with our current cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training approaches. (Equipment: none)

    also called: MIND AS MUSCLE

    In fitness, we’ve long been developing the newest techniques and trends in isolation and functional training.  Join Lawrence in this interactive lecture as we explore at least 10 innovative training techniques for building mental muscle.  You will gain an understanding of general brain function during training and during sleep, plus easy techniques for improving both long and short term memory, maximizing alertness, increasing reaction time, and improving overall wellness through mental power!