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      Lawrence’s second vocal CD features songs that speak significantly to him about life and love, and he now shares that joy with you electronically. Offering one song for each of the short stories in his new book, Stories of Color, this CD complements such lifelong, universal themes as adulthood, loneliness, betrayal, hidden love affairs, childhood teaching and bullying, and the human search for happiness. The sustainable, electronic downloadable package includes artwork, suggested playlist, and the musical orchestrations by Thomas Snow, leader of five CDs, lecturer of music at Bates College, and writer of the music behind Lawrence’s original piece on the CD, "One Twin Flame."

      Track Listing:
      01 - Fool on the Hill
      02 - Caruso
      03 - Send in the Clowns
      04 - I Wish You Love
      05 - Giants in the Sky Mega Mashup Medley
      06 - I Say a Little Prayer
      07 - One Twin Flame
      08 - Taylor, the Latte Boy
      09 - For Good
      10 - Other Boyfriend
      11 - Bring Him Home
      12 - Something Good (Moment of Truth)

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      $20.00 Birthday Greeting!

      For only $20, Lawrence will call a friend on his or her birthday at the # you provide (or email a permanent recording) with a personalized rendition of “Happy Birthday” including your friend’s name, and add a short personal message after the song.

      Book this and email Lawrence HERE with the particulars:
      Friend’s name:
      Birthday date:
      Friend’s email:
      Friend’s complete phone number:
      YOUR reference name if you wish Lawrence to say “_____ arranged this birthday song for you as a special treat for you to hear from me"


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