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  • Shakti Series

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    Shakti Series

    Shakti Series

    Shakti Series (created for Japan)

    Shakti is Lawrence’s signature series created and choreographed EXCLUSIVELY for Athlie clubs in Japan for the past 10 years. Now for the FIRST time available for the rest of the world, you can obtain the Shakti bundles that have charmed the hearts of thousands of Japanese fitness enthusiasts over the years.

    You GET:

    Make ONE purchase with NO licensing fee and receive:
    • a 45 minute mindful barefoot experience for most active populations

    • Lawrence’s researched-based, industry approved choreography shot by Lawrence

    • individual tracks exactly matching the choreography Lawrence uses on the release

    • a printed Playlist to organize your tracks as you choose or use them exactly the way Lawrence does in the release

    • support to your questions form Lawrence all month long

    • systemized Shakti visual cueing where each song has a theme, breathing suggestion, location (standing or floor) and discipline

    Please note that NO written choreography notes accompany each release because the program works in Japan as a visual-only teaching strategy. You can learn the choreography from the streaming video or also just take inspiration and change it yourself. This program is taught in silence with careful visual cueing.
    Price per release: $29.99

    Choose Release Here:

    Shakti 42
    Shakti 41
    Shakti 40
    Shakti 39
    Shakti 38
    Shakti 37
    Shakti 36
    Shakti 35
    Shakti 34
    Shakti 33
    Shakti 32
    Shakti 31
    Shakti 30
    Shakti 29
    Shakti 28
    Shakti 27
    Shakti 26
    Shakti 25
    Shakti 24
    Shakti 23

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    A portion of the proceeds from the online sale of our products will be donated to one of Lawrence’s chosen charities, the Villa for the Catholic Sisters of Saint Joseph.

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