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  • 10-10-10 CHAIR

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    10-10-10 CHAIR

    10-10-10 CHAIR

    From Imperfekt Productionz®*

    Perfect for novice to group fitness or the aqua exerciser new to the land environment, this workout experience gives you all you need in fitness in three 10-minute, easy-to-follow segments. You will tone up arms, abs, and legs in the Strength segment, burn fat to reduce inches in the Cardiovascular segment, and increase your overall well-being and muscular length in the Flexibility section. Plus, Lawrence adds balance in each section. You can do ANYTHING for 10 minutes, right? (Equipment: a firm chair with arms)
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    Imperfekt Productionz gives you a fusion of both the theory and practical movement that you would expect from any FG2000 team faculty member. In an effort to bring you low-cost continuing education and programs amidst a rapidly-changing environment in the world today of sky-rocketing prices of fitness dvds and downloadable workouts, Imperfekt Productionz offers you quality of content without quality of production or background music for which it costs thousands to secure rights. By keeping these production costs low, you get the same talent you would expect, without an elaborately filmed and funded Hollywood-set style dvd with all that perfect lighting, editing, chaptering, and layout. We hope you enjoy these extremely affordable productions with excellent fitness content, all at the price that’s lower than most fitness music cds!

    "Most consumers and fitness professionals don’t realize that each fitness dvd title alone costs over $7,000 to produce. At so many fitness shows around the world, participants always ask me if particular workouts are available on dvd, and now I can usually answer in the affirmative. By filming the stuff ourselves, we can offer you many great programs and ideas without expensive sets, editing, and lighting. Instructors tell us that they really love seeing an unedited fitness dvd because it shows instructors as they really are, teaching a real experience, which is what really happens when we teach class. Since I am privileged to teach in some of the most beautiful places of the world, it just seems silly to me not to film right on location, with nature’s spectacular backdrop, even if that means that sound and editing aren’t the perfection of high-budgeted fitness releases. I hope you enjoy the new titles (and low prices) as much as we do filming these for you at Imperfekt Productionz!" -- Lawrence Biscontini

    Mission: to provide recorded versions of real-time experiences of cutting-edge programs in an affordable format without an expensive fitness production; to film programs as they are actually taught without creative editing. Vision: to make the ideas of FG2000 faculty accessible and affordable; to take classes to the masses®.

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    A portion of the proceeds from the online sale of our products will be donated to one of Lawrence’s chosen charities, the Villa for the Catholic Sisters of Saint Joseph.

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