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  • speedMentoring

  • Why not use this time in our global #reset to fast-forward your fitness and business career in what's worth a semester’s investment of work in just a few hours with me? You will return to our brand new world with a broader business sense and new ways to see your strengths in light of our new, expanded fitness roles including suggestions for you to make more money virtually.

    Now getting samples of our work to mentors is easier than ever with the plethora of our recorded social media classes. Provide me the link to any class format now you have on line that you’ve recently done and I will do the following:

    • watch your clip with love
    • give you tangible, practical tips to boost your marketing approach
    • provide you with sections of things to keep doing, consider doing less of, more of, and possible new things to add
    • call you for a non-rushed phone call to address all of my notes at your own pace to fast-track your career with dozens of presenter-quality secrets, tips, and tricks.

    Click below to make payment and then send an email providing me your link of the class you want me to evaluate for you (dropbox, facebook, youtube, vimeo etc.), and your phone with country code and area code.

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  • Option 1

    This option is the most affordable way to let me see you “do your thing” at a time when it’s super easier than ever now that all have recorded versions of ourselves.


    For a limited time only: clicking the below button gets you access to me so you can upload a clip of at least 3 minutes of you teaching or training to get valuable notes and feed-forward on your performance. Coming from a place of love, I always start by pointing out the things - many of which we are unaware - we do that we have to KEEP doing that keep us on top of our fitness and wellness game. Then, I have a unique format for delivery of tips that’s been working with classes and clients around the globe for years - trust me. Once you get me your clips where I can see and hear you, the rest is up to me to transform what you’re already doing with small changes for even more superstar results. Relax about being perfect on uploading anything: know that: a. you’re already working in fitness and doing your thing and b. why not get some tips for growth? Perfectionism doesn’t exist; nobody can relate to perfectionism; there are no perfect clips in fitness: just watch anything I record at any time, anywhere!

    Regular value: $350
    NOW $25.00

    Simple Instructions:
    1. Click below and purchase, agreeing to Dear Lawrence, I want to access #findLawrencefindME for you to see what I do with classes and clients in my desire to grow.
    2. Email lawrence@findlawrence.com a link containing a clip of however you want me to watch your class: email, dropbox, yousendit, youtube unlisted post, vimeo, Voxer snippets, and more.

    I will contact you personally without hours of you placing your order with our next steps

  • Option 2

    speedMentoring: this option gets you over 3 hours with me up-close-and-personal: one hour to watch you, one hour to devise detailed hacks, tips, and tricks, and one hour on the phone with your, and even more if we need. My masterMINDFUL colleagues know that I rarely keep an eye on the clock.

    I will contact you personally without hours of you placing your order with our next steps