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  • Want to renew and Refer-a-Colleague?

    Step 1 (in 3 Parts):
    Click below to renew your current Mentoring Tier AFTER you have secured someone else booking the same mentoring tier. Just follow these 3 steps:

    1. Provide this link to your contact: http://www.findlawrence.com/mentoring-tiers/ so he or she can purchase for February; and
    2. Inform them to add Voxer Wakie Talkie and “findLawrence” to mention they are signing up as a result of your referral; and
    3. You also Voxer me the name and email of your referral. Easy!

    Step 2:
    Click below and pay for YOUR current level at HALF price - such a DEAL!

  • Silver

  • $25 $12.50 monthly

  • Gold

  • $50 $25.00 monthly

  • Platinum renewal

  • $350 $175.00 monthly