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    January 2, 2019 | adminfl
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  • Topics:

    1. Anatomy of a Successful Social Media Post
    Lawrence shares his secrets for the anatomy of successful Facebook and Instagram posts - learn 7 things to include before posting anything to maximize your exposure and build your online community. (45 mins.)

    2. Making a Fresh Start and Staying Connected in Fitness
    Perfect to listen to for any time of the year, making fresh starts opens our eyes, ears, and hearts to new possibilities wherever we work in fitness to becoming more connected with our fitness community, to get more work, to build a community + tribe = tri-mmunity. (2 hours, 45 mins.)

    3. Creating Themes
    Learn dozens of ways to add a theme and focus to every group or personal movement experience we create by drawing from the universal themes that connect us as humans, both physical and metaphorical threads that weave us together. Rare are the fitness professionals who set a focus each time, so learn to set yourself apart and develop your own Unique Selling Points. (1 hour, 15 mins.)

    4. Magic in the Middle
    Learn over 15 take-aways to implement simple, yet outrageous, things to do in the middle of the group and personal movement experiences we create to further define our Unique Selling Points to engage, enable, and empower our fitness community with us at the lead. Make “magic in the middle” of your fitness experiences with unique, quick, and easy tips. (2 hours, 45 mins.)

    5. Our First 5 Minutes
    Lawrence gives you the 20 secret components of a great start to any session to boost your Unique Selling Points. Research says that the way to influence people the most in their hearts comes from our starts and finishes, and these revealed simple things will set you apart from others in no time. Learn themes, verbal hugs, MVPs, and more. (2 hours, 10 mins.)

    6. Our Last 5 Minutes
    Lawrence gives you many secrets of crucial, essential components to finish any session to boost your Unique Selling Points. Research says that the way to influence people the most in their hearts comes from our starts and finishes, and these revealed simple things will set you apart from others in no time. Learn themes, verbal hugs, and more. (1 hour)

    7. Finding our USP: Unique Selling Points
    When doing laundry, “normal” is just a setting for that. In fitness, however, whether we are doing pre-choreographed, pre-formatted, or individually-formatted work, ours is to stand out, not blend in. Lawrence explains dozens of ways to find and harness your uniqueness and bring this to your classes and clients each time. (1 hour)

    8. Making More Money in Fitness: Horizontal and Vertical Growth
    Listen to Lawrence’s practical tips on how to increase your income -- not only from sweat equity, but from other sources of revenue, including while you sleep. Learn how Lawrence has built his business from writing, convention presenting, and creating online talent that people buy when he’s asleep. You’ll get lots of ideas that will stimulate your fitness and business growth process. (2 hours)

    9. Negotiating a Raise
    When it’s time to ask for more money for our fitness services, finding the time, words, and opportunity can be quite difficult. Lawrence will give you some secrets and considerations to help prepare you make the most compelling case for yourself to make refusal almost impossible. (30 mins.)

    10. The Business of Fitness
    Are you a full-time fitness professional? Instead of accepting a one-way street of working for the fitness industry, get here some secrets to be sure to make the industry work for YOU, too. Topics include website design, business cards, how to do fitness conventions, exit strategies, social good and charity, making strategic business relationships, social media tips, and a unique Sunday night mentality sure to improve your weeks based on 4 key words. (2 hours)

    11. Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Communication Secrets: VAK
    Research tells us we have three ways to communicate with, and learn from, our world as humans. To be professionally untouchable in our industry as teachers and educators, to the extent that we are impeccable in our visual, auditory, and kinesthetic communicators indicates the true extent of our professionalism. Learn with Lawrence little secrets to make BIG changes and set yourself apart from others. (The bit about SEX alone is mind-blowing.) (2 hours)

    12. Your Most Common, Popular Questions
    Lawrence listens to, rephrases, and gives wisdom to over a dozen of your most popular mentoree questions over the years; listen to like-minded fitness professionals from all over the world unite their humanity by sharing common concerns. Lawrence reveals some ways to save time, energy, effort and money on such topics as “where did ‘findLawrence’ come from?”, “should I teach different things or specialize as a leader in just one?”, "what’s the best way to become GREAT when you are new?”, “how can I be sure to grow after each client session or group fitness experience,” and “how do you really make money while you sleep in fitness and decrease your sweat equity?” (3 hours)