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    January 14, 2016 | adminfl

    Research and Review from the Barefoot Trend Barefoot training is hotter than ever, and this workshop fuses the latest peer reviewed, cutting-edge research with practical applications of shoeless movement. This is a definitive exploration of the barefoot trend, commencing with applying research into the obvious disciplines like yoga and Pilates, expanding to non-traditional approaches such as integrated muscle conditioning, dance, sport movement, running, balance and foot care sessions that can stand alone. Designed for BOTH group ex and personal trainers, this workshop gives you detailed foot anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, deviations, and applications for your barefoot clients.


    Use the floor to improve your core! Regardless of what kind of yoga or Pilates style you have for mat classes, this workshop takes postures we usually do standing and revisits them in supine, prone, side-lying and seated positions to redefine elements of alignment and strength. At the end, we revisit some traditional standing positions to apply our new discoveries to completely redefine movements like the sun salutations and other asana. You will also gain an insight to making movements like salutations and standing postures possible for those who prefer floor-based work or have standing balance issues. (Equipment: yoga mats if possible).


    Join Lawrence for this workshop where we will learn some lesser-known asanas for you to implement with your clients and classes. Using both the principles of stability and mobility we will integrate progressions and regressions to show how even the most physically-complex asana like turtle pose can apply to almost anyone. If you want to learn some new yoga vinyasa and asana, choose this workshop. (Equipment: yoga mats if possible).


    Yoga and Pilates are full of animals, and personal training primal movement patterns are a hot topic in functional training because they train our stability and mobility. While exercise is optional, movement is mandatory, and the patterns of animals teach us how to move our bodies. Explore with Lawrence innovative--yet authentic--primal sequences that commence crawling on the floor as reptiles to jumping like kangaroos as we explore multi-planar stability and mobility. We will also explore some of the lesser-known animals of the mind-body zoo like tiger, rabbit, turtle, peacock, and stork. You will gain practical ideas for almost every type of session: from barefoot disciplines to personal training with active clients. Welcome to the zoo! (Equipment: none, or a mat for floorwork)


    So much of Pilates takes place lying down. Join Lawrence for a look at some of the movements that Joe Pilates did, and how we can evolve the disciplines into an exclusively standing (or undulating) workout experience emphasizing the functionality of standing. This workshop will give you ideas for integrating the 6 original concepts of Pilates into standing, evolved routines with mats and minimal other equipment. (Equipment: none)


    Lawrence managed a spa in Puerto Rico for over 10 years and had the privilege of hiring Lolita San Miguel (one of the first woman Joseph Pilates certified) to teach special classes for spa guests. Learn with Lawrence the pearls of wisdom that Lolita shared with the guests and staff over the years as she conducted her special version of Pilates as one of the first women ever certified by Joe himself. This will not be a workout but an interactive exploration of what Joe did originally and then how Lolita evolved some exercises and put in her special touches and style. We will also explore the concepts of the body that we do differently. (Equipment: mats)


    Often conceptualized as “for the elderly exerciser,” the martial arts of Chi Gong and T’ai Chi in their true forms can be taught as powerful--and intense--mind-body cross-training disciplines for fit participants looking for new types of classes on mainstream group fitness schedules. Giving athletes supreme body control (with continuous lower-body strength exercises), cardio junkies the ability to dance mindfully while barefoot (with nonstop upper-body and lower-body integration), and type “A” individuals the ability to slow down and focus (with challenging moving meditation), T’ai Chi offers intensity usually unexplored in the Western world. Experience putting the “intensity” back into T’ai Chi. (Equipment: sound system, AV ideal but not required).


    Unlock the chi potential of your body between floor-based Pilates moves fused with standing T'ai Chi movements for an undulating experience in functional training. Gain muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and gait improvement with the fusion of ancient Eastern and new Western exercsies: Our music - especially created for the class - changes from Western to Chinese in five minute segments. (Equipment: yoga "sticky" mats if possible)


    Explore a non-traditional approach to a fusion workout: instead of fusing different disciplines, we have one mind/body workout maintaining faith and reverence to individual disciplines. With separate segments of yoga, Pilates, and standing Chinese mind-body work, discover different ways to link-- not combine--these popular disciplines. This class addresses posture, so you not only gain strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility improvements, but you also improve barefoot health, gait & balance as well! (Equipment: mats)


    All populations can benefit from mind-body walk/run programs. With all the buzz about chi-based running, barefoot running, and meditating outdoor walking, this workshop will give you the anatomy of different types of indoor and outdoor gait/walk/run programs. Learn different class configurations, how to create experiences both inside and outside, maintain a safe environment, and incorporate mind-body aspects of the five senses into a successful walking program to encourage more people to attend group fitness. (Equipment: none)

    OUR DAILY BREATH or THE BREATHING WORKSHOP: It’s what you AIR that matters

    Breath is essential for life and all fitness forms, but it seems we never teach people how to do this most essential of tasks. Empower your classes and training sessions with the ability to manipulate the body's energy level, focus, and state of relaxation through a better understanding of the breath and its purpose. Learn and practice at least 9 different breathing techniques you can fuse immediately with classes and clients. (Equipment: none)


    Reap double the benefits from your Pilates practice with the exciting dynamics of another person. Practicing with another can deepen your kinesthetic awareness, improve your stability & mobility, and allow you to reap more benefits from partner assistance. Using both standing and floor-based Pilates progressions, learn how to use both "congruous" (doing the same movements simultaneously) and "unique" (each doing a different Pilates movement) progressions together with minimal other equipment. (Equipment: mats).


    If you know Lawrence, you know he’s a lover and not a fighter, so “boot camp” isn’t in his repertoire. Seen at Equinox clubs, this is his mindful answer to the boot-camp craze, with an aggressive fusion of effective and intense series that all flow from Yoga to Pilates to T'ai Chi. Most uniquely, the only equipment used is bodyweight and an open mind and heart! (Equipment: mats).


    Join Lawrence for a non-traditional approach of fusion of mindful disciplines using the hot new Bender Ball, from yoga to Pilates, T'ai Chi, dance therapy conditioning, gyrating disciplines, and other influences. This innovative experience commences with standing movements with the Bender Ball and then includes many unique movement series on the floor in a variety of positions. You will mindfully squeeze, roll, lift, and balance! (Equipment: one Bender Ball per participant).


    Based on one of Lawrence's latest dvds, this program shares the ultimate self-care techniques for self myofascial release using different portable, soft balls. Join Lawrence as you learn the proper techniques for releasing stress in muscles to reach ultimate relaxation, improved flexibility, and better overall mobility. (Equipment: tennis balls, and optional Power Systems Myo-Release Balls or Myo-Therapy Balls or Myo-Therapy Balls Plus).



    Fuse yoga and Pilates principles from the basis of stability and mobility. We will find the calm stability of yoga like a Barefoot Buddha and then add mindful mobility from Pilates with the precision of a Seasoned Samurai. (Equipment: sticky mats if possible; Gliding disks requested but not required)


    Lawrence fuses yoga asana emphasizing stability with traditional Pilates moves that evolve out of the same body positions, emphasizing mobility. The result is a flowing mind-body cross-training that trains the body by cycling isometric with isotonic bodyweight work. The way the body responds to this fusion of mind-body disciplines with this multi-mode training gives far-reaching results that retrain the body through strength, endurance, and fluid flexibility.


    Join Shannon Fable and Lawrence Biscontini, two of the leading names in progressive mind-body and core fitness group training today for a theoretical and practical fusion of two incredibly hot trends: ballet inspired barre training and vertical core work curtesy of unique vinyasa flows. Our barefoot, no-equipment based format takes place primarily standing and finishes on the floor, truly taking you back to your roots and restructuring your total body from sole to soul. Take away ideas to integrate bits and pieces from this fusion format into your current classes, or from start to finish to revamp a current workout into a cutting-edge barre or yoga experience that can stand alone as well. (Equipment: standard av/audio, mats ideal but not required)


    Join 2 IDEA Instructors of the Year and Best-Selling Authors June Kahn and Lawrence Biscontini, MA, for a fresh combination of Yoga, and Pilates disciplines. Embarking on a journey with the premise that evolved movement yields an evolved experience, they invite you to a hybrid program capturing the best of mindful stability and mobility. You will hold postures, move postures, and link postures and progressions with refreshing combinations. (Equipment: yoga “sticky” mats)


    This is a workshop for instructors that discusses SELF CARE. Instead of learning choreography or ideas to take back for THEM, these are ideas on self-preservation for YOU. Embark on an indepth experience in self-care from the fusion of mind-body applications, spa approaches, nourishment of the five senses, and internal healing and regeneration. This workshop shares with you several proven "M.A.P.S." to guide you towards this purpose: a proven format of M.editation, A.ffirmations & A.sana, P.ranayama, and S.ensorial Bombardment. Most amazingly, this experience addresses all of your senses and requires NO equipment to be effective. (Equipment: none)


    On the beaches of Mykonos, Greece, Lawrence leads a group of locals and tourists in late-afternoon Pilates progressions suitable for all levels. Now Lawrence shares this fresh take on older moves with you. (Equipment: yoga sticky mat requested but not required)


    Join Lawrence Biscontini, MA, and Bernadette "Super-Betty" O'Brien, MA, for an in-depth exploration of mental training for all ages. In our busy lives, we occasionally don't take the necessary time for prolonged static flexibility stretches. Yoga is great, but requires setup, time, space, and full-body mobility. In this session, learn the benefits of developing mental flexibility by adding mudras to our lives, which are yoga postures done with the hands and eyes to increase stamina, promote mindfulness, and decrease future suffering by increasing overall wellness. Combined with an exploration of music and meditation techniques, we will gather take-away techniques for ourselves (as self-care), as well as our clients and classes. (You will realize that you already know some popular and effective mudras!) This experience is appropriate for all levels and ages.

    Also see aqua: "Hydro-Yo-Ch®" or stability ball "Yo-Chi™ Program" using a Ball

    Lawrence Biscontini YOGA + TAI CHI = YO-CHI

    From "Regis and Kelly" to CNN Headline News, this is fusion at its best! Unlock the chi potential of your body by fusing T'ai-Chi Yang Short Form and adapted HATHA yoga asanas. Reap the benefits of both isometric and isotonic muscular contractions, balance betterment, and improved relaxation through moving meditation colored with visualization. Our music - specially created for the class - changes from New Age to Chi in five minute segments. (Equipment: yoga "sticky" mats if possible)


    From "Regis and Kelly" to CNN Headline News, this is fusion at its best! This thrilling millennium workshop/masterclass teaches you how to glean the best parts of mind-body venues and incorporate them into a truly glowing mind-body workout. Faithful to our principles of both functional alignment and core stability, we fuse our Yoga and T'ai Chi in the first half of the class, learning movement colored with visualization. Then, we extinguish the lights, light up our glow sticks, and move through the yogic asanas and T'ai Chi forms, glowing together. The response has been overwhelming from the experience of glowing chi. (Equipment: yoga "sticky" mats; glow sticks, but you must guarantee a DARK-able space. Outside areas or spaces with large windows without opaque blinds are not appropriate)


    The time has come to work IN and not work OUT... as research tells us that 65% of all learners are visual learners, this experience celebrates that without having a teacher telling you what to do during a mind-body fusion workout so you can concentrate on connecting to your body and working IN during your practice. SHAKTI is the Sanskrit word for the energy released throughout the body. This is a non-purist mind-body approach: fuse fitness choreographed applications of yoga, Feldenkrais, NIA, T'ai Chi, and Pilates, all with inspiring--yet non-traditional--mind-body music. This workshop will teach you the power of nonverbal cueing skills and choreographed mind-body flow so you can feel energized from a fusion blend of mind-body disciplines. Regardless what kind of teacher you are, you will get ideas for nuances in cueing that will enhance the way you visually cue your clients and classes. (Equipment: yoga mats if possible)


    Unblock, direct, and channel the flowing chi (energy) in your body by adding the dynamic nature of the Resist-A-Ball® into the Yang Short Form of T'ai Chi. Examine the principles, benefits, and practice of T'ai Chi with the proprioceptive, functional benefits of stability ball training for a core stability & mind-body kinesthetic journey.

    "Yo-CHI™ PROGRAM" using a Ball

    This thrilling millennium workshop/masterclass teaches you how to glean the best parts of mind-body venues and incorporate them into a stability ball workout. Faithful to our principles of both functional alignment and core stability, we incorporate breathing techniques, yoga, T'ai Chi, Pilates-inspired movement, and Feldenkrais techniques. You'll even get a fitness version of the yogic Sun Salutation adapted for the stability ball! The theoretical segment of the workshop/masterclass examines the mind-body principles in theory that apply to the class. Take your stability-ball class to the next dimension of mind-body fitness! (Equipment: inflated stability balls 1 per participant)


    You've either heard about or practice the popular "Sun" Salutation. Join Lawrence in the practice of two other ancient salutations, the "Moon" and "Earth" Salutations, manipulating both mobility and stability. The "Earth" Salutation incorporates more floorwork, and the "Moon" Salutation incorporates more standing postures. Learn how to incorporate these vinyasas into your yogic practice! (Equipment: yoga mats if possible)


    Reap double the benefits from your yogic practice with the exciting dynamics of another person. Practicing with another can deepen your kinesthetic awareness, improve your stability & mobility, and allow you to reap more benefits from partner assistance. Using both standing and floor-based asana, learn how to use both "congruous" and "unique" postures together, even practicing a partner version of the Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar. (Equipment: yoga mats).


    This workshop explores how yoga affects the seven major chakras, the principal energy centers of the body that run along the spine. After general awareness exercises in the warm-up for a rehearsal effect, we then use specially-chosen hatha yogic asanas to balance the chakras, moving up the spine first, and then back down. (Equipment: yoga mats if possible)


    In this comprehensive Yoga workshop, Lawrence leads you through a practical approach to different Hatha yoga postures for hands-on application to the fitness environment. Understand the latest research, learn basic yoga postures, and apply complete program designs while learning cueing techniques and class implementation to lead a successful yoga class or yoga-inspired cool-down. (Equipment: yoga mats if possible)

    Also available on DVD from SCWFITNESS.com: Yoga Fundamentals 1 | Yoga Fundamentals 2


    In this workshop, Lawrence shares with you a balanced introduction to T’ai Chi for fitness professionals. Learn how to feel more invigorated, more energized, and more balanced from this ancient natural choreographed flow of wellness. Although we will do all movements in a standing position, everything can be adapted for seated participants. Suitable for group wellness instructors and personal trainers, these movements combine stability (your strength) and mobility (your flexibility) through moving, balanced, meditation. (Equipment: none)


    The old Indian Ayurvedic practice of balancing one's constitution (called "doshas") through yogic practice helps balance the body and soul. We will learn how to determine your dosha, and then how to uniquely complement this with specific asanas. You'll learn an approach to offer yogic experiences that not only offer multi-level variations of asana, but variations of postures for different yogic doshas. Learn a whole new approach to take yoga to your clients! (Equipment: none).


    Embark on a mind-body circuit journey: Let Lawrence act as tour guide as we explore and fuse specific techniques from Feldenkrais, yoga, T’ai Chi, and Pilates. You will gain specific techniques for implementing mind-body elements into your classes as well as class possibilities themselves. Join this session in the year of mind-body! (Equipment: yoga mats and foam rollers)


    Turn your walking programs into mindful experiences in kinesthetic awareness and proprioception as we explore mobility and stability! Learn how to incorporate some cutting-edge techniques of mainstream mind-body fitness forms such as Pilates, Feldenkrais, yoga, and T'ai Chi into your existing Walk program. (Equipment: none)


    Gliding:™ ENTER THE ZEN DEN

    Fuse one of the hottest new pieces of fitness equipment on the market today, the Gliding™ disks, with ancient mind-body disciplines of yoga, T’ai Chi, Feldenkrais, and Pilates. You will learn at least 5 applications for each discipline applicable to both personal trainers and group fitness. Lawrence will show you how these discs both train and enhance stability and mobility through a plethora of flowing floor and standing exercises. (Equipment: 2 gliding disks per participant, foam rollers optional)

    Gliding: ™ HARD CORE, PEACE CORE™

    Learn how to fuse Core Training with one of the hottest new pieces of fitness equipment on the market today, the Gliding ™ disks. Lawrence will address at least 5 personal training and 5 group fitness applications you can weave immediately into your programs. Be prepared for the contagious energy that these simple, yet outrageously versatile disks will create!

    Gliding™ Into Bender Balls!
    Join Lawrence in this workshop for oodles of ideas to fuse the Bender Ball and Gliding Disks....from partner exercises to Personal Training applications to mind-body fusion for your classes. This is a non-traditional approach of fusion of mindful disciplines AND traditional core training, commencing with standing movements with the Bender Ball and Gliding Disks, and then includes many unique movement series on the floor in a variety of positions. You will mindfully squeeze, roll, lift, and balance! (Equipment: one Bender Ball and 2 convention/carpet Gliding disks per participant).

    -------------------- end of GLIDING sessions-------------------




    Experience with Lawrence innovative ways to fuse yoga, Pilates, T'ai Chi, and Feldenkrais in one flowing workout while barefoot on the BOSU Balance Trainer. All exercises come with progressions of difficulty so that students of all abilities can attend and benefit! (Equipment: BOSU and yoga mats)


    Drawing on the theme of stability and mobility, we fuse the BOSU Balance Trainer with bodyweight to create an intense core training experience in two parts, in two ways. In the first half, we wear our fitness shoes to produce a more traditional strength-training application of bodyweight and balance. In the second half, we go barefoot, exploring with our “soles” a fusion of mind-body applications. We incorporate the five senses into making distinct differences between the “hard” core and “peace” core sections. (Equipment: BOSU Balance Trainer and yoga mats)