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  • #findLawrencefindsTalent strives to continue Lawrence’s USA and Asian initiatives to “pay forward” his successes of “fitnessIdol” where up-and-coming fitness and wellness personalities get a fast-track to their career, worthwhile prizes, and sure-to-be-seen recognition in a plethora of ways.

    Winners Receive:

    • ONE month minimum of PLATINUM mentoring with Lawrence, which is his highest level of masterMINDful group!
    • gifts including a complete e-library of all of Lawrence’s e-books
    • a complete e-library of 10 of choices of Lawrence’s e-download dvd titles
    • Lawrence’s and Judges recommendations that fitness conventions consider YOUR application above others as the findsTalent winner chosen by the team, including Lawrence
    • promotion on Lawrence's many social media channels and networks
    • exclusive mentoring with Lawrence on several levels including telephone, social medial, Voxers, and more

    How to Apply:

    • Step 1: Fill out the below application carefully. The judges cannot entertain incomplete submissions.
    • Step 2: After submitting, email lawrence @findlawrence.com with subject fitnessidol and simply confirm that the judges received your application.

    findLawrencefindsTalent Application

      Application Uploads and Links:

      Upload a full body shot or headshot here
      Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, png, gif, doc, up to 3MB

      I understand that this clip must show me teaching a real class or lecturing to real people; the judges must be able to hear me above any music present, and the clip has to be 3 minute minimum. I can edit the clip into segments but I do not have to. I can also prepare a section looking directly at the camera to tell the judges why I am the next #findsTalent.

      I AGREE TO THESE TERMS: I agree to hold harmless Lawrence Biscontini, MA, LJMB, Inc, and FG2000, their subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, conference presenters, conference sponsors, staff (including staff assistants), their respective agents, successors and assigns, from any and all liability whatsoever arising out of this event including, but not limited to: physical injuries, muscle strains, tears, pulls, broken bones, miscarriage, death, and any and all illness, or loss of personal property and income.I understand the risks involved with participating in this strenuous event and attest that I am in sound physical condition. I also understand that I may be promoted online after the competition and FG2000 may use any and all imagery before, during and after the event, both photos and videos, for any and all promotional and financial purposes. I attest that I have read and understand and agree to the above.