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  • Meet FG2000 – Fitness Group 2000 Team

    January 5, 2016 | adminfl
  • FG2000

    FG2000 is Lawrence’s group of elite instructors from around the globe who are dedicated to providing excellence in continuing education in wellness. Each FG2000 Faculty Member is a provider of continuing education credits, and thus a member of continuing education faculty for, ACE, AFAA, ACSM, NASM, NSCA, and SCW-EDU, among others. Some FG2000 faculty also provide credits for AEA.

    FG2000’s Mission Statement: to provide international world-class, unbeatable continuing education experiences that are simultaneously research-based and fun, regardless of any country’s economical status and ability to afford such training.



    Lawrence Biscontini, M.A., has made fitness history as a Mindful Movement Specialist as the first recipient of multiple awards from ACE, IDEA & Inner IDEA, Can Fit Pro, and ECA since 2002. He creates group fitness and personal training programming on an international level for clubs and spas, including Equinox, 24 Hour Fitness, Gold's Gym International, Bally, and Golden Door Spas, where his creations received the Conde Nast Traveler Awards' tenth place in the world for innovative spa programming. Lawrence has been Spa Consultant and Trainer for leading international spas in Europe, Asia, and the USA. As Nutritional Counselor, Lawrence has created complete nutritional menus for spas from Manhattan to Mykonos. Lawrence as Movement Specialist enjoys celebrity clients like cast members of ABC TV's soap opera "General Hospital," and appears on news (CNN Headline News) and television ("LIVE! With Regis and Kelly"). He is an AFAA Certification Specialist and Contributing Author to industry magazines like AFAA's American Fitness, IDEA's Fitness Journal, and Spa Asia. His affiliations include FG2000, BOSU, Bender Ball, Gliding, and Savvier. His books include the most recent Cream Rises: Excellence in Private & Group Education. A percentage of all of his website sales goes to his charities of choice, and to inspire career wellness development, he has instituted several Biscontini Scholarships for the fitness and spa community and "Yo-Global," a program to take yoga to the underprivileged. Click here to download Lawrence’s CV/Resume (PDF). Contact Lawrence at lawrence@findlawrence.com and ideafit.com/profile/lawrence-biscontini.

    Bernadette O'Brien

    Bernadette O’Brien is both certified by, and a provider for, SCW, ACE, and AFAA. Teaching land and aqua fitness classes for all populations, Bernadette has acquired the nickname “Super Betty” from Atlanta to Asia, for her unmatched dynamism from bands to BOSU. Bernadette won the Centrum Vitamin contest for “The Most Energized, Amazing Woman in America,” winning over applicants in the ages of 50s, 60, and 70s. At 86, Bernadette not only teaches, but she inspires, doing her charity & philanthropic work with FG2000, sporting a black belt in Karate to boot. On a personal level, Bernadette is proud to have reversed the results of type-2 diabetes and years of smoking and weight gain serving as a principal of schools in New York City for decades, where she developed and directed the internationally-acclaimed program “Learning to Read through the Arts,” recognized by both the NYC Board of Education and the US Federal Government Department of Education. She is the founder of the Facebook group, Aqua Stars America, and is a BOSU Development Partner. Her specialty is helping the world rethink what “teaching seniors” really means today. Certifications: ACE, AFAA, SCW. Contact Bernadette at superbetty@optimum.net. Photo: Jill O'Brien 2013

    Yury Rockit

    Yury Rockit exudes fitness versatility as a land and aqua certified group fitness instructor (AFAA, SCW, Zumba), personal trainer (ACE), (Buddhist) mindful movement & meditation specialist, and continuing education provider for these organizations. Yury has appeared in internationally-selling instructor training DVDs for specialty groups including active aging and the workout series for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Yury also works a dance-based choreographer with specialty training in the fields of mindfulness, Zumba®, Bender Ball®, Piloxing, TRX®, and BOSU®, integrating his expertise from studies in India, Nepal, Thailand, and USA in English, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Yury works as a certified life coach and CEO and owner of Ki Mind Body Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam and representative for Isagenix®. Find Yury at www.yuryrockit.com.

    Diony Podara-Salachas

    Diony Podara-Salachas (Physical therapist and Board Certifed Natural Healer, Reiki 1 and 2, Massage therapist and bioenergy reader) is Mykonos island's natural healer and, in a world with no hospital, that proves important to have non-traditional medical intervention proven strategies present. Spend 90 minutes with Dioni to learn about Non-Traditional Wellness Strategies for an introduction to promoting wellness through aromatherapy (the how’s and protocols), color therapy, visceral manipulation (the manipulation of organs through “motility” and “mobility,”) craniosacral (the original approach from inside the mouth), and physical therapy exercises.