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  • Thanks for your initial interest in my in-person or virtual work.

    Would you like to bring in the energy of Lawrence's programs and mentoring skills to your facility or group?

    Lawrence often makes guest appearances at clubs to teach special masterclasses for guests/members. It’s more cost-effective to bring ONE Lawrence to YOUR facility vi Zoom now. Did you know that Lawrence has been making signature, branded, pre-choreographed, and custom-made club programming for years? READ MORE...

    Lawrence can come into your facility to teach special classes for your guests, offer continuing education and certification programs for your staff, mentor your staff of personal trainers and group fitness instructors, evaluate staff, create team-building on Zoom, and more.

    To express an interest in a virtual date with Lawrence, please follow these steps:

    1. Copy the below
    2. Paste your text into an email to lawrence@findlawrence.com.

    Dear Lawrence,
    We are interested in having you come to our facility called _____________, around _____________________ (time of year) on _________________________ (suggested days of the week you propose).

    We are interested in having you do:
    Workshops (please click on LEARN at findlawrence.com)
    Team building
    Zoom games
    Other: ____________________________

    Almost every workshop or class experience we can adjust from 1 to 4 hours. Credits (ACE, AFAA, NASM, NASM, SCW, AEA) are available for one contact credit for each hour we are together.

    We would like you to teach/speak to our: