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    January 14, 2016 | adminfl

    Whether you’re brand new to group exercise instruction or you’re a seasoned veteran, learn how to energize your classes using essential steps and strategies to take your classes to a whole new level. This session will include ACE’s 10 Practical Pointers for consistently delivering fun, engaging, amazing classes to diverse groups of participants in a variety of class formats. Come unlock the critical elements of group fitness success and discover the tools that you need to become a first-class Group Fitness Instructor!


    One of the common threads tying together all different types of group fitness experiences is music. Join Lawrence for an in-depth, practical study of the different ways to incorporate music into classes. More than merely learning how to cue with music on an eight-count, experience ways to “work as a musical dj,” fast-track your social media and iTunes® and Ping into class preparation & promotion, and make music thematically tied to class types and themes to move your participants, both physically and emotionally. You’ll also learn how legally to source music from different parts of the world. (Equipment: sound system and microphone and space for movement if possible but can be a lecture).


    Research tells us that the first and last five minutes of any group fitness experience are the sections of class that people most can remember. Treat yourself to a workshop exploring dozens of different ways to achieve safe, effective, and creative warm-ups and transition (formerly called "cool-downs") for a plethora of class types: cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility/mind-body. We will address classroom orientation, music, equipment, specificity, and group dynamics. (Equipment: none)


    Have your members lost their ability to move when you take away a step? Join Lawrence in his first-ever workshop dedicated entirely to hi-lo, celebrating free movement with no equipment, frills, or "fat," just movement skills with FLAIR. You will learn both new combinations and some winning moves that have traveled the globe with Lawrence, and practice breakdown techniques between the combinations. (Equipment: none, isn't that just refreshing!)

    CIRQUE DU STEP (with or without Deborah Puskarich and) Lawrence Biscontini, MA

    EVOLVE your step class to the next configuration in stepping: CIRCLE STEP. We literally use the classroom/ballroom space to make a three-ring circus of steps in separate circles and get participants moving clockwise, counterclockwise, outside, and inside! Participants will love the new step configuration and easy-to-follow choreography and unique music inspired from the Las Vegas shows that will feel like an entire new approach to stepping! (Equipment: steps)


    Join Lawrence for a cardiovascular workout experience from a mind-body perspective, not only fusing different disciplines, but incorporating them into your traditional grapevines and step-touches. You will playfully integrate stability and mobility, dance with your eyes closed, and entertain your inner child, mindfully. (Equipment: none).

    also called "Beyond Zumba®"

    Join Lawrence for aggressive Latin programming that fuses all traditional Latin forms of movement in balanced, symmetrical fitness applications of cardiovascular programming. You will fuse traditional steps from different Latin countries, dance in pairs, and conclude with special Latin surprises. (Equipment: none)


    Fuse Resistaballs, drumsticks, amazing music, and mind-body connection for an intense cardiovascular experience that releases endorphins, decreases stress, and burns calories! The "Drums Alive!" craze begun by Carrie Ekins takes the world by storm this year and this is your chance to experience the explosion of energy with Lawrence's mindful approach. (Equipment: wooden drumsticks: 2 per person, Resistaballs: 1 per person, and step risers: 2 per person)


    You're going to love this workout experience finished product! Join award-winning master instructor Lawrence Biscontini and learn how to create a complete sixty-minute experience -- all aspects of complete fitness addressed in only one hour! With concentrated 20-minute segments for creative cardiovascular routines, synchronized strength exercises, and fluid flexibility, this workout can be done in sections at different times or all at once. Lawrence always offers intensity options for all levels so you can change the way any move feels as you do any section of the workout. Suitable for everyone who loves to move!


    Are you tired of taking step workshops where you love the choreography but know that you will never reproduce the combinations just as they are? Let Lawrence show you lots of new pieces of step choreography that you can choose to put together in the most comfortable way for you. Instead of elaborate combinations, we will look at new steps skills, including variations of both transitional steps (like new forms of repeaters and "L" steps) and non-transitional steps (like "V" steps and "over the top"). Get lots of ideas with a no-stress approach! (Equipment: steps)


    Welcome to the next generation of step training: mind-body stepping! Award-winning master instructor Lawrence Biscontini's fusion mat program combining yoga and T'ai Chi is called "Yo-Chi"©. This unique cardiovascular workout invites you to experience an intense blend of different mind-body disciplines in "Yo-Step©." In compliance with all industry standards and guidelines, Lawrence creatively fuses elements of yoga, T'ai Chi, Pilates, Chi Gong, and Feldenkrais into an unprecedented mind-body step workout. (Equipment: steps)

    "Doublle Troublle," CIRCLE STEP and MORE!

    EVOLVE your class to the millennium of stepping: CIRCLE STEP.  Participants will love the new step configuration and easy-to-follow choreography that will feel like an entire new approach to stepping!   (Equipment: steps)

    also called: "YOU ROCK! STEP THAT ROCKS"
    "On Your Mark, Get STEP, Go!"
    "Got STEP?"
    and "Zap the Tap"
    Join Lawrence in this celebration of FLAIR on the step, using current standards and guidelines for safety and cueing. Lean how to make a circular format 3-ring circus of your step classes, with specially-designed choreography you can also take back to your classes of single-step! This workshop will give you both new transitional and non-transitional skill options, and focus on careful breakdown of split phrasing, reviewing the techniques between combinations. (Equipment: steps)


    Spend time letting Lawrence help you learn the fundamentals of music selection, utilization and cueing technique. We will fuse both theory and practical application drills as we look at how smooth transitions are a function of music utilization and cueing accuracy. Instead of learning predetermined choreography, Lawrence lets you 'in on the secret' of creating class flow as we develop spontaneous movement choreography as a group!


    Roll your mixed-impact movement classes into new dimensions of fun with the addition of the stability ball. Learn how to take familiar base moves and orchestrate & co-ordinate energy with the addition of these exciting, two pound inflated spheres. Lawrence will teach you the easy-to-follow four-part technique for building combinations with the ball, and give plenty of choreography tools. You will stand, sit, leap, and roll…there's absolutely NOTHING SQUARE about this workshop! (Equipment: inflated stability balls)


    CARDIO BOUNCE! with the BOSU!

    Experience with Lawrence innovative ways to transform classic floor and step moves into a wonderful journey in propulsion, proprioception, and dynamic balance with the BOSU Balance Trainer. All exercises come with progressions of difficulty so that students of all abilities can attend and benefit!
    (Equipment: BOSU, 1 per participant)


    Experience with Lawrence innovative ways to use any existing gym equipment you have, bodyweight, and the BOSU Balance Trainer to sculpt the entire body. We address ALL muscle groups in this experience so that every muscle is always turned ON, working either to maintain stability or mobility. All exercises come with progressions of difficulty so that students of all abilities can attend and benefit! (Equipment: BOSU, 1 per participant, and either Gliding disks, medicine balls and/or handweights would be great but not obligatory)

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