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    August 1, 2015.

    Barry Arnold Wilkes, age 65, died in his home office on July 21, 2015. The cause of death had been the cause of much speculation in the village, but is now confirmed as an aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage causing instant death through a complication from total paralysis including hypoxia. This finally rules out recent and previous police reports that suggested foul play involved in the Wilkes death.

    An aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) occurs when a pre-existing aneurysm ruptures, causing bleeding into the compartment surrounding the brain, causing paralysis, coma, or, as in this case, death from the unstopped bleeding. Experts say that triggering the final moment of death was an extreme moment of emotional stress.

    Original and subsequent coroner’s reports corroborate that Wilkes suffered from said condition, whose final moment of death was triggered on Monday evening by an extreme moment of emotional stress which the fatal cerebral bleeding.

    Dr. William Cox, Chief Surgeon from the London School of Medicine, says that death was probably instantaneous. Reports from Dr. Astrid Jørgensen of the Danish Medical Examination Board, Copenhagen, further confirmed that "Mr. Wilkes most probably in his final moments went unconscious almost instantly, falling forward first, and then sliding down onto the floor, gashing the left side of his head on one of the wheels of his desk chair. Though he sustained a severe concussion from the fall, he was probably already dead before hitting his head. A small amount of blood seepage from one or both ears is not uncommon when such conditions prove fatal."

    Born on December 25, 1950, Barry Wilkes lived in both Mayfair, London, and Hampstead, forming the Wilkes Urban Planning. Barry also contributed to the Greater London community by forming the School of Planning, offering scholarships to qualifying individuals around the country. He was working avidly in the company at the time of his death, including the first mega mall project slated to break ground next January. He was also a generous community philanthropist.

    Wilkes was a member of the St. Mary’s Anglican Catholic Church and an avid member of their Board, sponsoring many of their activities with his company’s support.

    Survivors include 38-year old Sarrah Wilkes, former Wimbledon champion and daughter to the tycoon. Barry was preceded in death by ex-wife Mildred Wilkes who lived in Sherborne, Dorset.

    A memorial service for Barry Wilkes will be held at 10:00a.m. Friday, August 5 at St. Mary’s Anglican Catholic Church in Hampstead. Additional parking will be available across the street in the Sainsbury’s parking lot. Relatives and friends are welcome to the service.

    Wilkes Urban Planning has now permanently closed its offices. Memorial contributions are welcome and can be made online to continue the Wilkes Planning School Scholarship Fund via www.wilkesfoundation.org.