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  • 1. findLawrence on Wednesdays in real time!

    One secret to success is being surrounded by succeeders, and our #ZoomatNoon group meets at 12 noon EST each Wednesday and recordings, podcasts, show notes, and chats are always available after each showcase event.

    $50.00 includes:
    - entrance to every #ZoomatNoon of the month, whether you attend in real-time or not
    - a gallery-view full-episode edition of our meeting
    - weekly #songoftheweek from our dance party intro pre-show
    - optional non-recorded after-part after-meetings each week
    - a podcast version of meeting so you can listen-on-the-go
    - detailed notes and chat from our show to follow-up and take advantage of our tips and tricks
    - a specialized, dedicated Facebook post in our findLawrence’s Hundred Acre Woods group (#flHAW) to comment and interact about each Zoom at Noon episode
    - all recordings
    - 15 minutes + (minimum) personal time with Lawrence on the phone and back-and-forth Voxers during the month
    - membership in a Voxer group for immediate happenings, motivating clips, inside tips, info, and Breaking News
    - Our monthly meetings include segments such as #moveMe (practical movement ideas to keep fresh), #businessofFitness (tracking, marketing, and making money to get NEW clients each month), #IvebeenThinking (revealing some gossip and tea about behind the scenes in our industry, #breakout (where we have fun in smaller groups), #Social(media)Secrets, #theTotalpackage (ideas for what it takes to be the consummate well-rounded fitness professional), #hotseat (looking at those both inside and outside of our group), #bookReport, and our favorite, #GlobalGuestGurus (virtual visits from someone in my life who comes as a surprise to speak to us exclusively with an appearance just for those in my #hundredAcrewoods). Some of our #globalguestgurus have included Mo Hagan, RuPaul, Petra Kolber, Tricia Murphy Madden, Doris Thews, Leslee Bender, and so many more industry icons.

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    2. findLawrence with an automatic monthly renewal!

  • 3. findLawrence on the phone!

    Shhh! A huge secret of successful business fitness and spa personalities is how they connect, communicate, and call!

    à la carte calls

  • One of the secrets of successful steps is getting tailor-made calls and check-ins from someone you trust who can open some doors.

    Book your 30-minute calls with me here
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  • 4. Exclusive masterMINDful group on Facebook

    Please join our no-charge entry-level to our secret, private, exclusive masterMINDful group on Facebook where we each represent business characters and personality types form the Winnie the Pooh characters for education, motivation, and inspiration.

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