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  • VoxerVisionary2017: $125 to be added to Lawrence's group to ask and interact with him to get verbal, visual, and video feedback from now until the end of the year.

    Unbelievable 2017 Deal: for the first time ever, I'm launching my Mentoring Voxer Group for the remaining months of 2017. For $125 USD for the rest of the year, I'll add you to an exclusive Voxer Group for smartphone where all VoxerVisionaries and I will spend real time together at your convenience and timezone to reach me directly and immediately whenever you want: get my vocal and visual, and video answers to your questions, and more. The wonderful part of a Virtual Voxer Mentoring group is how we can share and learn from each other from major issues that concern us all.

    Voxer's a FREE app for iPhone and Android where you reach me on your convenience. Voxer really makes dialing, texting, and even posting obsolete: I'm sure you'll love how you can reach me easily and quickly.

    Note: you do NOT qualify if you have been a fitCamp participant (because you already have me) or belong to the SCW/AFC Mentoring group unless your membership has expired starting with Atlanta Mania. The normal value for this would be $250 per hour, but this summer offer to support the remaining works of the reconstruction area where the Sisters of Saint Joseph are remodeling to be able to further their outreach work needs some more money, and this is my giveback offer I'm creating exclusively to you. I've never done this before, but can imagine that we'll not need many major rules beyond these:

    • each participant can Voxer up to 3 major issues per week, and we can comment in depth on each of those issues
    • each participant can Voxer speak up to 15 minutes of spoken message at any one go (that's the limit according to the app)
    • we use the app to get and share wisdom, not to wish each other happy birthday or other greetings or hump day thoughts or discuss weather in our areas
    • we agree not to share the wisdom among us to third parties, colleagues & friends, or post on other forms of social media
    • we respect the confidential aspect of each of us. We may say that we are in Lawrence's 2017 first ever VoxerVisionary group, but not disclose specifics of others in the group unless specific permission given. While not everyone likes to make public that he or she receives mentoring, some enjoy talking about what fun it is.

    Step 1: add the free application "Voxer Walkie Talkie" to your smartphone to be sure you can find and install it.

    Step 2: add "findlawrence" as a contact

    Step 3: click buttom above to pay for this special offer of $125

    Step 4: wait for me to add you to our VoxerVisionary Group. You'll learn to navigate the app very quickly and easily.

    As always, I offer a money-back-guarantee should you find that I don't enhance your fitness career as a virtual mentor.